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Edie Sedgwick was the seventh of eight children born in Santa Barbara, California, to Alice Delano de Forest creating a similar look to the wigs Warhol wore.

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Tag: Edie Sedgwick. Thursday, creating a similar look to the wigs Warhol wore. There are lots of places to find a great Edie-esque dress,

Posts about Edie Sedgwick written by Demi Monde It’s been a while, but I rocked a wig this week (much to the amusement of my colleagues!).

Aug 24, 2006 · When ’60s wild child Edie Sedgwick hacked off her golden tresses to imitate Andy Warhol’s decidedly unaesthetic wig, it was probably not her goal to …

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This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find an Edie Sedgwick inspired wig? I've had a lot of trouble trying to find a reasonably priced wig (no more

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Warhol Superstars: Edie Sedgwick. Thursday, March 5, 10:52 PM written by About Face Theatre. creating a similar look to the wigs Warhol wore.

American fashion model and actress Edie Sedgwick , dressed in aa blond wig with long braids and a black bra, talks to an unidentified man near the swimming pool in

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In August 1967 documentary filmmaker Ricky Leacock filmed Edie Sedgwick Lulu for Sara Caldwell’s opera. Reflecting Edie Sedgwick’s face on mylar.

if I was ever lucky enough to have a little girl I will call her Edie – like Edie Sedgwick and my grandmother

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